The Ekiter method

Save time and money on your startup's validation process


Tired of spending money and time in partnership agreements, taxes, notaries... and not on validating your business model to get investment?



Save by not having to create and manage the company on validating your business model.



Of your time spent on the validation of your business model and not at bureaucracy.


1-3 months

To validate your idea without having to worry about notaries, lawyers, taxes, partnership agreements, etc.

What people think about Ekiter

Do you want investors to look at your project during the first steps?

We have a pull of investors, partners, investment networks and funds that collaborate in the monitoring of opportunities for startups in the ecosystem.

Do you also want it to be free and only pay if the project works?

Free registration

Create a user and submit your project for free.

Keep in touch with those who believe in you

Share the progress of your project with your own community and followers for free.

Manage the rights of your project

Sign our free Participant Agreement template with your team to manage everyone's ownership without misunderstandings.

Seek start-up funding

Create crowdfunding campaigns paying only the operational costs (3% of the requested money) and if it goes wrong we don't charge any commission. We get 5% in case of success.

Seek collaborators

If your team has weaknesses in any area, look for experienced mentors or other freelancers to complement you.

Who we are

Ekiter is an online platform, which allows to protect founding partners and initial backers with binding contracts. Therefore, it allows not having to go through the process of notary, constitution and other derived fixed costs, which burden and slow down the beginning of any startup.

What we do

Ekiter helps you make all this happen in the same online ecosystem. We provide the tools and advice for you to focus on developing your MVP, without having to establish a company, protect all partners and make the first FFF funding with guarantees.

Our mission in all our services is to make startups validate or fail their business model in the shortest time possible.

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